The media are not toys… they can be entrusted only to new artists, because they are art forms.
(McLuhan, 1954)

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RECIPEX - Future kitchen companion

RECIPEX allows the user to plan out meals and provides a step-by-step illustrated cooking guide on a large display for easy viewing. When cooking many dishes, the order of steps is automatically arranged based on the user's pace to make multitasking simpler.

Cooking is an activity that benefits everyone, but many find it stressful. For me, making food is very relaxing and I want it to be an enjoyable experience for more people. From my research, planning is what frustrates most people in cooking. Planning a balanced meal takes knowledge while planning things to do when cooking requires experience. I was inspired by Drop Kitchen OS’s utilization of software and smart appliances to reduce workload, as well as future kitchen concepts by IKEA and Phillips with overhead projection and interactive cooking surface. My goal was to develop a version of these that can be fit into the kitchens we have now.

When on standby, RECIPEX functions as a smart display, showing useful information or media with the projector.

On the app, the user can browse recipes, plan meals, manage ingredients and control the projector.

In cook mode, a visual guide is displayed from the projector. The user can bring the projector with them into the kitchen and attach it to any surface with the included wall mount. Ultra-short-throw technology allows the user to be creative with its placement.

Cooking steps are displayed in a bar chart to give an overview of the cooking process. The current step is expanded with more information on how to perform it. The user can progress to the next instruction using buttons on the unit or voice command if their hands are busy. When making many dishes, machine learning calculates each step’s duration and arranges them to reduce downtime and multitasking stress from the user.

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